Romp House

While playing Lacuna, you encounter a band in various places plays that a number of original music tracks.

Although it’s never mentioned in the game (as far as I remember), the band is called Romp House. Their five music tracks, which have always been part of the paywalled Lacuna Original Soundtrack, were released for free online in May of 2024 to celebrate Lacuna’s three-year release anniversary.

I originally wrote this music for fun with a friend to dip my toes into synthwave music. This happened in parallel to developing Lacuna, without intending to ever combine the two. However, when the project with my friend fizzled out, I decided to use a handful of tracks (there are quite a few more!) inside the game.

The mini-album is available on my Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp profiles, among other places. Hope you enjoy! 🤘