Lacuna is a 2D sci-fi noir adventure where your choices matter. It’s the debut title of my game studio DigiTales Interactive. Available on Steam now:

The development of Lacuna began back in 2014. My girlfriend at the time and I started out as hobbyists and learned pretty much everything we needed along the way. It took a long time due to its fairly large scope, our lack of skills when we started out, and most importantly the fact that we were still students and later worked full-time in other jobs at the same time. We finally had a pitch-ready prototype in 2019 and managed to secure funding for the game’s full development. This allowed us to set up DigiTales as a company and launch the production phase with a four-person team in early 2020. The game came out for PC in May of 2021, garnering very positive reactions from press and players alike. Console releases following in December of the same year, followed by physical editions for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in April of 2023.